Important: the arrival of the upper roof and the grid's crown of the mausoleum at the shrine of Lady Zaynab (peace be upon her).

Yesterday (23rd Jumada II 1441 AH) corresponding to (Feb19, ruary 2020), the upper roof and the grid's crown of the shrine of Lady Zaynab (peace be upon her) were transferred to her holy shrine in Damascus, as a prelude to the work of installing it on the grid of her holy shrine.
Its transfer came after the staffs of the Department of Manufacture of Grids and Doors of the Holy Shrines at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, have accomplished all the works related to the upper roof and the grid's crown, to add this achievement to the rest of the achievements made in this factory with Iraqi hands loving and servant to the family of the Prophet (may God’s prayers and peace be upon them). .

The most prominent characteristic of this work is:
- The length of the upper roof is (4.3 m), while its width is (3.11 m).
- Several minerals were used in its manufacture, including gold and copper.
- Burmese wood was used from which the wood frame bearing the inscriptions and motifs was made.
- The amount of gold used is estimated at (2 kg).
- The patterns used in it are floral patterns that are in harmony with the window patterns.
- It is planned and designed by skilled calligraphers and designers.
- The method of fixing on the wooden frame is hidden, which makes it with the rest of the parts as one piece.
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