EL-Abbas holy shrine celebrates the auspicious birthday of Lady Zainab (p.b.u.h)

The Lady Zainab sanctuary
Lady Zainab, what a great Lady.
Zainab, the pattern of holiness & immaculateness.
Zainab, the symbol of bravery, sacrifice & altruism.
Zainab, the example of patience, steadfastness, sense of honor & glory.
Zainab, the immortal Husseinian Message.

Which woman is like her!

The whole universe should be happy and proud of the auspicious birthday of Laidy Zainab (p.b.u.h), the daughter of Imam Ali and Fatimetu EL-Zahra’ and the sister of Imam Hassan and Hussein (p.b.u.t).

All blessings and peace of Allah be upon her when she was born, when she passed away sad and heartbroken and when she would be with her mother, father, ad your brothers on the judgment day to seek revenge from those whom had been unfair towards her and her family.

In this great occasion; the EL-Abbas holy shrine held many activities of happiness by adorning the entire holy shrine and received so many people whom came to truly express their profound happiness of such an auspicious birthday. But this happiness of her birthday in this year was mixed with sadness because
of what the holy shrine of Lady Zainab (p.b.u.h) is going through of attempts to destroy that holy shrine in Syria.
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