The al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announces the start of the sixth cultural festival of Imam al-Baqer (peace be upon him).

The al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced the establishment of the sixth Imam al-Baqer (peace be upon him) cultural festival under the slogan: “Imam al-Baqer (peace be upon him), the treasure of the message and the Imamate”, on the first of the month of Rajab 1441 AH corresponding to 25/2/2020.

Member of the Preparatory Committee and Assistant Head of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine; Sayed Aqeel Abdel Hussein Al-Yasiri stated: "The festival will be held for the sixth consecutive year in cooperation with the Religious Affairs Department, and several meetings of the Preparatory Committee for the sixth Imam Al-Baqer (peace be upon him) cultural festival were held to discuss the organizational matters of the conference as well as its goals and research axes according to several specific criteria, in line with the message of the festival and its goals, to be held in Rajab 1441AH - God willing -

Al-Yasiri added, "The supervising committee of the festival emphasized the most important scientific aspects that are appropriate for the personality that the festival is celebrating, and this places a great burden on the preparatory committee, because Imam al-Baqer (peace be upon him) is the safety valve against ideological and intellectual deviations.

He pointed out that one of the aims of this festival is to deliver a message to each believer, enabling him to know the characteristics of each of those divine lights and the most trustworthy loop ['urwa wuthqa] that if the nation holds onto it, it will never go astray.

It is worth noting that the festival includes several events, seminar and research sessions, and a Quranic and evening forum for popular poetry, and this festival is held in cooperation between the departments of intellectual and cultural affairs and religious affairs.
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