For promulgating Islamic knowledge among women

EL-Abbas holy shrine constructs an educational center for female in Kerbala city

For the important role the female has in the society, the EL-Abbas holy shrine began to construct an educational center for female in order to educate and refine the female more and make them more beneficial in the society. In this respect, the head of the Architectural Project Department of the EL-Abbas holy shrine; engineer Dhya’ Mejeed EL-Sa’igh, said in an interview, “EL-Abbas holy shrine is constantly constructing many social and service edifices. This project is merely for the female, as an education center; which takes care of many important matters in the society. It instills the path of Ahlulbait (p.b.u.t) in them by holding lectures in religion, Prophetic speeches, religious researches, oratory, jurisprudence, and competitions, in addition to advising them and answering their questions.”

The project being achieved by two companies which are Anwar EL-Hadhar, Iraqi Construction Company and Awj Qal’a, Turkish Construction Company. The diameter is 2100 square meters, six stories; each story is 1550 square meters except for the ground which would be 2100 square meters. It is 33.20 meters high.
It would be equipped with the best devices and furniture according to the modern technology.
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