EL-Abbas holy shrine begins to construct a residential complex to accommodate its employees

The sketch of the project
Towards appreciating the great efforts offered to the pilgrims by the employees; EL-Abbas holy shrine decided to construct a great residential complex as a sign of appreciating their dedication to their honorable job and also due to the rise in prices. This project named (EL-Kefeel Residential Complex). The apartments would be distributed to them in supported price.

The chief engineers Dheya’ Majeed EL-Sa’igh said, “This project is being constructed on a 305000 square meters area, and in the amount of 829 houses in addition to all the services generally required. It’s located in half the distance of the Najaf-Babylon road. The project being achieved by the Heran and Kurdy Iraqi Construction Company.”

He also said that each house would be 200 square meters the diameter.
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