Khayr al-Joud Company raises five times its productivity.

The staffs of the detergents and sterilizers factory at the Khayr Al-Joud Company, affiliated to the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, have begun increasing their production capacity to five times, in order to provide citizens and health services in the holy city of Karbala and other provinces in order to prevent the threat of the Coronavirus.
The director of the detergent and disinfectant factory, Salam Salman, explained to the Al-Kafeel Website, saying, "We have started to increase the production capacity of Khayr Al-Joud Company, as a result of the increase in the current demand from the state health departments and consumers from all Iraqi governorates."
He added: "The company's staff are working with three shifts a day, so that its work will be around the clock in order to bridge the shortfall and meet the consumption need."
He continued: "We note that the prices of our company products are stable and have not changed in the Iraqi market, because we seek to stand with the consumer, especially in the difficult and exceptional circumstances that our beloved country is going through."
On the other hand, the director of the Public Health Unit at Al-Hussaini Hospital, Dr. Anwar Sadiq Al-Dahan said: "We thank the efforts made by Khayr Al-Joud Company for its production of detergents and sterilizers, and for providing hospitals and health departments with alcohol and sterilizers continuously, as well as its contribution to increasing the national product and preserving Iraqi funds".
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