The medical detachment of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine is closely following precautionary measures to prevent coronavirus.

The official of the Medical Affairs Division of the Holy Shrine, Dr. Osama Abdel-Hassan Kadhem, affirmed that the medical staff of the Division is closely following all precautionary measures to prevent Coronavirus, which all divisions of the Holy Shrine have worked on.
He added: "All departments were provided with types of sterilizers and disinfectants produced by Khayr Al-Joud Company, to be used according to a specific program previously established."
Noting: "The sterilization work is continuous for all the holy shrine entrances and the holys sanctuary, in addition to sterilizing the carpets and blankets and placing them in custom bags, and the host restaurant department was instructed to use the disposable utensils."
Emphasizing: "The technique of microsin was used in sterilization inside the sanctuary, and it is a very effective technique and has many approvals and certifications such as (ISO), (CE), (EPA) and (FDA), and it is registered in the Iraqi Ministry of Health and in many other countries."
Pointing out: "We carried out several awareness campaigns in various regions in order to explain adequate details to citizens, in addition to distributing a number of informative brochures."
It is worth noting that the aforementioned division held an extensive preventive educational seminar on Coronavirus in particular and epidemic diseases in general.
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