Informatics “almerja” website: an advanced rank in the alexa rankings.

The website of informatics reference, which is one of the websites of the al-Kafeel Global Network, got an advanced position internationally in the classification of the global site (alexa), as it got the ranking (206) locally among the top browsing sites inside Iraq, and it got the ranking (50,417) on websites globally.
This classification, which can be viewed through the following link:, is advanced compared to the millions of websites and search engines in the world that navigate the web and fall within this global classification.
This website is characterized by modern technical characteristics, which combines the idea of ​​advanced research and sobriety of documentation of the sources of obtaining accurate information in various scientific, religious and social specializations, and contains various specializations in the field of Islamic beliefs and Fiqh science, as well as physics, maths, law, management and economy. And it contains Islamic, and cultural news and a view of the most important health, scientific and technological news. This window is called ( Pens of various colors).
According to the classification, the beneficiaries of the site’s services were distributed between Iraq and abroad from Arab and Islamic countries, and the large entry rate was through the international Google search and the Iraq Google search in addition to other search engines.
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