A rightly-guided European delegation being cognizant of the stages of constructing the holy shrines in Kerbala holy city

A view of the visit
A European delegation has been honored to have performed salutation to Imam Hussein (p.b.u.h) and visited the museum of the holy shrine. They have been briefed by Mr. Jassam Mohammed EL-Se’eadi, the in-charge of the International Culture & Media Unit of the EL-Abbas holy shrine about many stages of history when the holy shrines in Kerbala holy city had been devastated by the enemy of Ahlulbait (p.b.u.t), especially the attacks waged by Wahhabi individuals in 1801 when all the antiquities stolen, and the stages of reconstructing them.

The head of the delegation Mr. No'man said that they had embraced Islam-Shiite denomination before 5 years.

The delegation strongly condemned the crimes against the holy shrines, and extended their deep appreciation for being aware of so many realities which had been unrevealed.

They also expressed their admiration in the remarkable development taking place in the EL-Abbas holy shrine. Also, they praised the personnel of the holy shrine those whom make efforts to serve pilgrims.
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