The conditioning system of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine operates with 100% purity and the natural cooling theory by water (Fresh Air).

The central air-conditioning system at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine is considered to be of the modern, developed, and unconventional systems, which depend in its work on the introduction of a full fresh air into the space after it has been adapted and purified by filters prepared for this purpose, thus allowing the provision of very high quantities of pure oxygen, especially In times of congestion, and the disposal of invalid air through continuous exchange and disposal of pollutants and microbes that may exist due to crowding of large numbers of visitors, where appropriate temperatures and humidity are provided in all areas of the project for central air conditioning, and includes the cooling, heating, remove moisture and purify the air by the external weather conditions and requirements of the various events.

Thus, the system provides a fresh, healthy air purified from fine soil, germs, allergens and unpleasant odors, taking into account the general principles stipulated in the air conditioning technology for this type of facility and uses, to achieve the best results with less cooling energy and less operational cost and using latest technologies, and which is electronically controlled by its own control room, in which the degree of its coldness is changed according to the weather and its fluctuations, in a way that guarantees an ideal atmosphere for the visitors to be healthy, pure and free from impurities.

This is according to what was indicated to the al-Kafeel Network, the official of the Refrigeration Division in the Engineering Maintenance Department, Engineer Firas Muhammad Saleh, and added: "The system also has advantages, the most important of which are:

- The total cooling capacity of the system is about (5092) tons.

- This system has the ability to provide high fresh air exchange rates for space-occupying visitors, which other systems are unable to provide, as this system relies on introducing full fresh air into the space after it has been adapted and purified by filters prepared for this purpose, thereby providing very high quantities of pure oxygen.

- The system does not need to install any mechanical or cooling equipment inside the air-conditioned space, which may not be consistent with the nature and size of the project. "

Eng. Firas added: “In addition to these features, the system is linked to another system of central control and operation (BMS), which is considered an essential complement to it, and is characterized by the following:

1- Monitoring and controlling the control of temperature and humidity continuously throughout the period of operation of the air conditioners, and giving an alert in the event that these degrees differ from the permissible limits, so that the maintenance staff will remedy the situation.

2- It is possible to control the operating times of the devices according to work requirements and weather conditions, in a manner that achieves the highest percentage of the economy with operating expenses.

3- Programming the maintenance agenda for all devices used in the project, to prevent breakdowns due to failure to perform maintenance work on time.

4- The shortcut in maintenance and operation personnel.

On the most important components of this system, Eng. Firas said: "The central air conditioning system consists of several joints that work with each other in a complementary manner, and the most important of these parts:

- Chillers.

- Chilled water pumps.

- Air Handling Units.

- Chillers Pumps AHUs.

- The Central Electronic Control System (Building Management System) through which the operation of the joints of the air conditioning system is controlled, and at the same time the working devices are monitored, as well as the airspace inside the space in terms of temperature and humidity, and the percentage of dioxide carbon (CO2) in the atmosphere inside the space. "

Eng. Firas pointed out: "For the purpose of saving the operation, maintenance and initial costs, the project's air conditioning services were standardized with modern and accurate control systems (BMS) that are assembled in one central room, and controlled via an electronic calculator."
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