Adopting a distance learning mechanism to prevent Corona virus

As a precautionary measure to prevent corona virus, the Holy Quran Institute of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine / the branch of Najaf, followed distance learning mechanism, using the communication programs for its Qur'anic courses in the Hifdh [memorization] that it supervises its implementation, in order to maintain it.
The management of the institute indicated that there are five courses of memorization that are still ongoing to memorize the Holy Book of God, and each session includes a number of participants.
The institute approved direct communication by the teacher of memorization in the courses with the students via the WhatsApp application, in direct listening to students during the test for memorization, in addition to providing guidance in correct pronunciation, as well as the remaining vocabulary lessons in order to ensure the proper delivery of the information and achieve the desired benefit.
This experience has witnessed a great interaction by the participants in the courses on the one hand, and those responsible for them on the other hand, to ensure that they continue without interruption.
It is noteworthy that the management of the Holy Quran Institute has developed a preventive plan and took measures for the safety of the teachers and participants in the courses and activities held by the institute, and this experience is only one of the precautionary measures to prevent the virus, and to ensure the continuation of important courses without interruption in order to spread Quranic knowledge through social media.
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