Khair Al-Joud Company offers a protective product with an active formula that contributes to disinfection and sterilization

Khair Al Joud Company launched its new product from the sterilizer (Al Joud Ethanol), as part of its support campaign to reduce and prevent Corona virus.
The product, according to the director of the company, Eng. Maitham Al-Bahadli, stated: "It was previously produced, but with current developments, the product was produced unlike before, with an active formula that helps get rid of germs and microbes, as well as ease of use in all places, as it is an intense liquid and general sterilizer, with high concentration and formula, and can be used to sterilize and disinfect all surfaces. ”
Engineer Salam Salman, the manager of the company's detergent and disinfectant factory, added, for his part, that “Al Jood Athanol” product is distinguished by:
- Concentrated to help eliminating viruses and microbes.
- Containing highly effective substances and powerful in fighting viruses and microbes.
- It does not affect human health, which distinguishes it from others.
- Easy to use in all regions without side effects.
- The product has shortened the process of dilution of known sterilizers that are used in homes and other places, as it is ready for direct use.
- It is used as a spray, and this helps to expand its effectiveness.
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