"Infallibles into Meditation": A new publication in English.

It is recently issued by the translation department at the al-'Ameed International Center for Research and Studies of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, two versions in the English language, one of them bearing the title: (Infallibles into Meditation: Literally) and the other (Infallibles into Meditation: Linguistically), in order to contribute to enriching Literary library that lacks such publications in this language.
The two versions are from the translation of Professor Haider Ghazi Al-Mousawi, head of the translation department at the al-'Ameed Center, who explained: “The two versions are among a package of translated publications that the house has been working on, which had literary, intellectual, biographical and other axes needed by the recipient speaking this language, and the two versions that carried Title:

The first edition: (Infallibles into Meditation: Literally): It came because there are many literary works in different races of literature that speak about the infallibles (peace be upon them),who are taken as purposeful personalities, seeking to present a classy human model to follow, and for this purpose this book is analyzing several plays and explaining the effect of the infallibles (peace be upon them) on attracting the recipient and communicating the meanings of goodness and nobility to him, so that this contributes to building the modern man.

The second edition: (Infallibles into Meditation: Linguistically), this book includes many linguistic articles that examined the morphological and deliberative features of the speeches of the infallibles (peace be upon them). As it is known that deliberative modern science is concerned with matters of rhetorical communication and analysis of the linguistic elements that would contribute to the enrichment of awareness."
It is noteworthy that the translation department is one of the departments affiliated to the al-'Ameed International Center for Research and Studies, which is concerned with translation from Arabic to English and vice versa to define the knowledge and university community with the other’s view of us and our view of the other, and to create interaction in a peaceful and global manner.
To contact the center and see its activities and events, call the following numbers:
(009647602323337) / (009647602355555), or through the following mail: info@alameedcenter.iq, or visit the center located in: Karbala, Al-Islah, and Al-Kafeel Cultural Complex.
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