The United Nations lists the projects of the library and house of manuscripts on its international map.

The United Nations has included library and house of manuscripts projects in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in its international map, for review with countries that helped revive and implement sustainable development launched in the year 2015, and was signed by (96) countries, including Iraq.
The director of the Center for Indexing and Information Systems, Professor Hassanin Al-Mousawi told the al-Kafeel Network, saying, "We have received communications from the United Nations by e-mail, asking us to include our projects that have achieved the Sustainable Development Goals (2020 / 2030) in the international map of the United Nations."
He added: "We were given the keys to enter the location of the map and we entered five special projects of the library and the House of manuscripts at tthe al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, which were as follows:
1- A set of workshops on how to preserve, maintain, and digitally transform Iraqi heritage, held at the National Library.
2- The symposium on medical libraries, which was held at Al-Ameed University, which is affiliated with the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine.
3- The symposium on the application of the sustainable development goals of the Iraqi libraries, which was established at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine.
4- A seminar on how to preserve university theses in implementing sustainable development goals, and was held in cooperation with the University of Mosul.
5- A group of seminars for the first and second stage at Al-Mustansiriya University / College of Arts / Department of Libraries and Information, on how to implement the goals of sustainable development in good learning.
All of these projects were attended by representatives of the Iraqi Ministry of Planning and the official representative of the United Nations in Iraq, in addition to the President of the Arab Federation of Libraries.

It is worth noting that the International Federation, which is one of the specialized members of the United Nations, launched in 2015 seventeen goals specific to society, and the goals include 64 goals within the advisory committee to be applied to libraries, because the International Federation considers libraries as the basic, vital and mediating part of society and the state .
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