First time in the history of the holy shrine, EL-Abbas holy shrine produces a play about Imam Hussein (p.b.u.h) entitled (Dhilal EL-Taf)

The Department of the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs of the EL-Abbas holy shrine pleased to declare a great step forward in producing a play which occurs for the first time in the whole history of the holy shrines. This great activity is one of the activities taking place in the Husseinian Fourth International Theater Festival which is sponsored and held by the EL-Abbas holy shrine.

It’s held under the motto of (Husseinian theater is the brilliance of eternity of bestowal epic) on Friday and Saturday March 29-30 2013.

Mr. Ahmed Sadiq, a member of the preparatory committee said, “This play performs the history of Imam Hussein (p.b.u.h) in a modern appearance suits this time to deliver an easier idea about what Imam Hussein is.”
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