Al-Kafeel Nurseries provide their marketing outlets with various types of plants and trees.

One of the group's important marketing outlets is the exhibition of the al-Kafeel Nurseries Group, located near Qibla Gate Street of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him).
"The exhibition is one of the outlets in the province, and it is one of the marketing channels that the group overlooks the local market and visitors from inside and outside the province at subsidized prices for the Iraqi family," said the official of the sales unit in the group of al-Kafeel Nurseries, Mr. Asaad Nada.
Stressing: "The exhibition includes various types of shade plants, seasonal fruit trees, and perennial trees."
And Nada continued: "The exhibition plants are divided into two: shade and solar plants, and fruitful, such as citrus and fruits, as well as perennial trees, evergreen trees and seasonal plants such as roses in various colors and shapes, as well as some imported plants such as rubber plants, cactuses, yuccas, ivy and other types."
Asaad Nada explained: "The exhibition's work is not limited to plants only, but our staff provide natural honey products of various types, including alfalfa and eucalyptus honey as well as Sidr honey in addition royal jelly, which is produced by the al-Kafeel apiaries, in addition to ornamental fish of many types and varieties with availability of large and small aquariums of different shapes and colors. The exhibition includes also pottery, glass, plastic, and ceramics (vitrified) for plants, and organic and chemical fertilizers.
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