In support of low-income people: Khair al-Joud Company intends to launch new materials to prevent Coronavirus.

Khair Al-Joud Company intends to introduce sterilizers and medical disinfectants in the coming week, which will meet the needs of consumers - especially those with low incomes - for these materials to prevent the risk of corona virus.
In this regard, the director of the aforementioned company, Mr. Maitham Al-Bahdali, told the al-Kafeel Network, saying: "Next week, the company will introduce new antiseptics and disinfectants in various forms; liquid sprays and in the form of foam, including as a hand sanitizer and antiseptic."
He added: "The materials that will be presented next week are very safe for humans, the environment and property, and these materials are strong and manufactured within the recommendations of the World Health Organization, and within the global recommended concentrations. The new materials will be at a lower cost and with higher efficiency."
Concerning the date of the introduction of sterilizers in the markets, Al-Bahadli explained: "Next Saturday, the first of these new sterilizers will be launched in the local market, so that consumers can buy the (ALJOUD HAND SANITIZER), which is a hand sterilizer, then other sterilizers and antiseptics will be subsequently put in succession in the market."
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