The campaign to support the popular mobilization arrives to Mtebijah.

The convoys of goodness launched by the Relief and Support Division of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine are still continuing with their activities in support of the fighters of the popular mobilization, as the (Al-Rajin God's Mercy) campaign was launched within the Babylon Governorate Unit towards the operations' district of Salah al-Din, specifically in Mtebijah.

Supervisor of the campaign, Professor Sattar Hussein Shiaa indicated that: “This campaign is one among the support campaigns that fall within what we have promised Gods and our supreme religious authority, so that we remain supportive of our brothers who sacrificed and are still sacrificing, and this is the least we can offer them.”

He added: "The brothers in the campaign presented food baskets, in addition to distributing a meal prepared for these forces, and also for the Federal Police fighters who are also present in the same district."

"Despite all the difficult conditions, such as rain and natural factors, we continue to support the Popular Mobilization Fighters that needs support, and we, in turn, provide them with available food and other things and all that contributes to overcoming the conditions they live in," Shiaa said.

For their part, the Mujahideen fighters expressed their thanks and gratitude for the great efforts made by the Relief and Support Division in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, for the continuous and unwavering support they provide to the brave fighters.
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