Al-Afaf Shopping Center took a series of precautions to prevent Coronavirus.

The management of the Afaf Shopping Center started implementing a series of preventive measures from the new Corona Virus, in line with the directives issued by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in this regard, and to preserve the safety of the center's employees and visitors.
According to what the center’s administration indicated, the procedures were mostly implemented in advance, and included the formation of a work team to carry out these preventive measures, by circulating recommendations to the center’s occupants of the need to adhere to the necessary precautions and ideal health procedures, especially those in direct interaction with customers.
The department added it has also emphasized intensifying cleaning and sterilization campaigns for all the center’s floors, elevators, and sanitary complexes by relying on the products of Khair Al-Joud Company. The center’s media also accomplished awareness leaflets and introductory posters about the emerging Coronavirus and ways to prevent it, to increase awareness and clarify health habits that must be followed to prevent it. And the center’s administration also distributed hand sterilizers at its main gateway to customers.
It is noteworthy that the administration of the Afaf Center, based on the recommendations of the Crisis Cell in view of the current health conditions, decided that the opening of the complex will be daily from 10 am until 3 pm, and this procedure will be from this day to another notice.
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