Remote provisioning service for electronic sources, and how it became useful during this period?

The remote provisioning service for sources is one of the electronic services launched by the digital information center of the library and the House of Manuscripts at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine. It is a free service that allows its user to request the electronic resources available in the library without the need to attend, and that after an application is sent via e-mail according to controls and mechanisms developed for this purpose, reinforced by an identity that is effective for six months. And this service is available to all around the world.
According to one of those responsible for this service, Professor Ahmed Majeed told the al-Kafeel Network that: “In consideration and appreciation of researchers and specialists wishing to obtain resources that benefit them in their research or research projects, and a shortening of the time factor and to increase the benefit capacity and keep pace with the development taking place in the library field, this service is provided by the Library of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine as an early precedent in this field. "
Noting: "The service started actually in the fourth month of (2019), with more than 107 identities of more than 320 beneficiaries were issued within eight months of its opening."
He stressed, "The service witnessed a great turnout during this period due to the difficulty of moving in light of the protective conditions that the country is witnessing from the Corona virus, so this service was of benefit and feasibility."
The center’s administration has indicated that this service is free of charge, through which the electronic resources available in the library and house of manuscripts of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine can be used, whereby the required electronic source is sent to the e-mail of the beneficiary by filling in the information in the attached form in the following link: https: //
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