The al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine released 76 tons of its lakes' fish to the local market.

The fish farms of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine of the al-Kafeel Nurseries Group were able to achieve a breakthrough in its quantitative production for the past year to reach (75) tons, and the quality of the fish produced was characterized by its good taste, acceptable weight, and its dependence on nutrition on a proven food program, as well as a hatching source that is considered to be reliable and of highly nutritious sources.
This was confirmed by the al-Kafeel Network, the official of the al-Kafeel Nursery Group, Professor Muayyad Muhammad Hatef, who added: "The fish farm consists of five large lakes, each of which is (25) dunums, equipped with equipment and systems to supply it with water and drain it, and another for feeding and treatment, as well as a lighting and monitoring system.It produces currently Carp, which is considered one of the desirable varieties of the Iraqi family."
He explained: "With this marketed amount, we were able to contribute to maintaining the price and reducing the import process, which would overburden the Iraqi economy and burden the fishers and citizens alike. Our fish farms were one of the most important pillars that led Karbala Governorate to achieve self-sufficiency in fish."
Mr. Hatef continued: "We provided the lakes with species with good strains of fish, and what has been provided during the past year amounted to more than (60,000) hatcheries. We adopted modern scientific methods and mechanisms in terms of nutrition, so they are fed according to an integrated natural food program that is not chemical, supervised by a specialized staff, which is reflected positively on its taste. "
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