In response to the need of the market and maintaining prices: the al-Abbas’s (p) holy shrine begins operation of the poultry butchery in Karbala.

The al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has begun operating the Karbala butchery, located on the road (Karbala - Babylon), the Ibrahimi region, to produce and manufacture poultry meat.
The operation of the butchery came in order to supplement the Iraqi market with poultry meat and maintain prices in this current period that the country is going through, especially after the closure of most border outlets as a result of the current crisis that the entire world is going through.
The Secretary General of the Holy Shrine, Engineer Mohammed Al-Ashigar assured: "The butchery will contribute to supporting the national product with regard to the production of slaughtered chicken inside the country, and this will also encourage the raising of poultry in the region and the employment of labor."
He added: "The Holy Shrine rehabilitated this butchery in agreement with the investing party, and thank God today there was a pilot operation of the butchery, which was very successful thanks to the efforts of the cadres commissioned by the Holy Shrine."
Stressing: "We started with the experimental operation to meet the market need, considering that the borders were closed and import stopped during this period, and as we set out to raise the production capacity in the sterilizer and purification plant to meet the market need, today, by God's grace, we entered a stage of meeting the food need, and there are later steps, God willing."
For his part, Deputy Secretary-General Eng. Abbas Musa Ahmed stressed: "The business is going well and the first production was with very high specifications that match the international specifications. With God Almighty grace, we have provided the required in local markets with high quality for local production, and in the coming days the butchery will witness more development in production."
Stressing: "Poultry companies have been contracted in the governorates of Babil, Najaf and Karbala, and the increase in production will be lifted in the coming days."
It is worth noting that there was a visit by the delegation of the Holy Shrine to the new butchery, headed by the Secretary-General of the Holy Shrine and included a number of members of the Board of Directors, for the purpose of following up the progress of the initial works and seeing the mechanism of work.
The al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine had signed a contract with the Karbala Meat and Poultry Company to rehabilitate and operate the Karbala butchery located on the (Karbala - Babel) Al-Ibrahimiyya road, to produce and manufacture poultry meat.
This initiative, which received the blessing of the senior official of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, came for the advancement of the economic sector of the country and supplying the Iraqi market with poultry meat, in addition to providing job opportunities for many of the workforce, knowing that this butchery will work with the latest methods and technologies friendly to the environment as a practical gesture towards food security.
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