The translation department issued recently "Sistani the cynosure"

The translation department at the al-Ameed International Center for Research and Studies of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, issued recently a set of publications translated from the Arabic to English, or from English to Arabic, and another section is the collection, investigation, and analysis of international writers and authors in other languages, including what has been recently issued "Sistani, the cynosure".

The publication, according to what Professor Haider Ghazi al-Moussawi, head of the department, explained: "It is a harvest of what writers, philosophers and academics pens in research centers and various universities in the world have written, to be a research academic subject especially after the book got the literary, linguistic and psychological analysis of what the subjective pens that dealt with, Fatwas and statements of the Supreme Religious Authority in the darkest circumstances. "

Al-Musawi said: "This edition is among nineteen publications issued recently from the department, and it has included individual, joint and translated titles from books and literary plays, from Arabic to English and vice versa."

It is worth noting that the translation department is one of the departments affiliated to the al-Ameed International Center for Research and Studies, and it is concerned with translating books from Arabic into English and vice versa to define the knowledge and university community with the other’s view of us and our view of the other to create interaction in a peaceful and global manner.

To contact the center and see its activities, call the following numbers:

(009647602323337) / (009647602355555),

or through the following mail:, or visit the center located in: Karbala, the Reform District, the Kafeel Cultural Complex.
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