Khair Al-Joud Company confirms that there are entities that imitate its sterile and antiseptic products and invites citizens to pay attention

Khair Al-Joud Company asserted that there are parties that imitated its products (sterilizers and antiseptics) and its trademark without right, in a number of governorates of Iraq.
At the same time, it called on citizens to check the company's original products before purchasing, in order to ensure their safety at this time through which the whole world goes, to ward off the threat of Corona virus.
The director of the aforementioned company, Engineer Maitham Ali Al-Bahdali, emphasized: "Citizens can check original products in two ways:
The first: Through the barcode and the QR code that each box made in the company’s factory has. Every citizen can read the barcode and the QR code through his mobile phone, to ensure that the product is authentic.
The second method: the quality of the induction sticker on the carton, as the counterfeit products carry lower quality adhesives and can be seen easily.

He added: "The clear exploitation of this critical period by some led them to imitate our products that have proven their efficiency with the testimony of the supervisory authorities, but the company is keen to protect its products, and it works over a period of (24) hours in order to meet the consumer needs and deliver them to the Iraqi governorates at subsidy prices suitable for all citizens, including those with limited incomes. "
Stressing: "Whoever deals in the name of the company and its trademark without the right, legal measures will be taken against him and against any fraudulent product bearing the company's trademark."

It is worth noting that Khair Al-Joud Company has mobilized its energy to double production five times, in order to secure the need of the market and health agencies, especially after the scarcity of raw materials due to pressure of need, and stressed on more than one occasion the need to maintain their prices and not to use the circumstances against the citizens as it supports them and tries to maintain the sustainability of prevention.
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