Al-Abbas’s (p) Squad: We have harnessed our capabilities to counter the spread of the Corona virus and we call on our people to cooperate to ensure their safety.

Al-Abbas Fighting Squad (brigade 26 of popular mobilization) mobilized all its capabilities to support the government and health authorities to face the spread of Corona virus, while sending a message to our honorable people on the importance of cooperation, prevention and adherence to the decisions of the Crisis Cell to ensure their safety from this epidemic.
The central media that the Squad was quick to harness all its capabilities to support the health and government agencies by launching campaigns of sterilization that were held in various cities of the country, after it called in a thousand of its reserve forces, and implemented campaigns in the provinces through its representations. The Squad's forces have made great efforts in the sterilization of public places, departments, neighborhoods, roads, places of gatherings and other important sites, and they are continuing until the achievement of all the goals and the danger is gone, God willing.
He noted that the Squad's effort also included health education, awareness and guidance initiatives to prevent infection with this virus and provide medical advice through the publication of posters prepared by the Squad in advance.
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