The al-Abbas Squad and Civil Defense carry out a massive campaign to sanitize and sterilize the Karbala areas in conjunction with the curfew.

The Civil Defense Directorate in the governorate of Karbala, with the support of the Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad (brigade / 26 popular mobilization), carried out a broad campaign to sterilize and sanitize the areas of the governorate, in addition to awareness and guidance to prevent the Corona epidemic, with the entry of the curfew into effect. .

The Director of Civil Defense in Karbala, Brigadier General Taher Hameed told the central media that: “According to the decisions of the crisis cell in the governorate in the fight against the epidemic, and after applying the curfew, we started a campaign of sterilization from the distant neighborhoods, through public streets, alleyways and squares, where the campaign will reach the center City".

Noting: "Every effort was involved in this campaign, but the Abbas Fighting Squad had a special role, which is appreciated as it in the public interest and for the safety of citizens."

The Squad's medical officer, Mr. Saleh Al-Janabi, explained: “After orders from the leadership of the Squad, our cadres and the necessary supplies were prepared for this purpose, as our detachments sterilized houses, as well as work on health awareness by distributing health messages and installing posters on the walls, which is an effort prepared by the Squad some time ago. "
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