Laying the first building blocks for an advanced scientific research center

The al-Ameed University, affiliated to the Education and Higher Education Authority at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine placed the first building blocks for establishing an advanced scientific research center through establishing a scientific research laboratory specializing in the health, agricultural, service, and other aspects.
The laboratory, according to what the University President Prof. Muayad al-Ghazali explained: "It comes within the university's endeavor to develop its educational facilities and provide them with the foundations of advanced scientific research, and a contribution in its overall encouragement, especially that deals with current scientific issues related to the Iraqi reality, as it is considered the first nucleus of the research center in the future."
Al-Ghazali emphasized, "By establishing this laboratory, we seek to encourage and attract Iraqi competencies, and to provide the correct scientific environment for the outputs of its research and experience, in order to apply them on the ground and benefit from them."
He added: "The central research laboratory will provide an excellent and discreet work environment, as our goal in creating it is to create suitable working conditions for individuals and work in the spirit of one team, who have a professional motivation that allows them to team work, and cooperation in order to achieve important achievements that reflect great benefits for our dear country." .
The central laboratory at the al-Ameed University includes a group of scientific laboratories, including: (general chemistry, life chemistry, nano, drugs and toxins, microbiology, nucleic acids, animal house), and will be equipped with modern equipment to suit each laboratory.
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