The Preventive Team begins sterilizing the Al-Abbas’s (p) residential complex.

The Prevention team working within the Follow-up Committee on Preventive Measures formed by the administration of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, has begun its work with sterilizing the alleyways and buildings of the Abbas (peace be upon him) housing complex, which comes to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, and to preserve the safety of the people of the complex and prevent the epidemic.
The supervisor of these works, Mr. Hassan Ali Abdel Hussein, explained to the al-Kafeel Network: “Today, the Prevention Team within the Crisis Cell formed by the Holy Shrine has sterilized the alleys of the Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) housing complex, within the plan set by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine to limit the spread of the novel Corona virus. The works included sterilizing the old city and what surrounds the holy shrine and what is between them and reaching its outer hoops, using sterile and antiseptic substances provided by the Khair al-Jood Company, and by following scientific methods recommended by the Iraqi Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization".
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