Supreme Religious Authority: Whoever is infected by the virus and does not take preventive measures, he will not be excused according to religion.

The supreme religious authority, Sayed Ali al-Sistani issued a fatwa that it is not permissible for the person infected with the Corona virus to mingle with others so that the infection can be transmitted to them, indicating that he must pay the "blood money" (al-Diyyah) in case one of them dies as a result of transmitting the disease.

In response to a question from his followers, "Is it necessary to avoid contact with others - who are likely to contract the disease - by shaking hands, hugging, kissing, or the like, and is it permissible to be in contact with them without taking precautionary measures such as wearing masks?,”

Sayed al- Sistani replied," Who is afraid that infection is transmitted to him as a result of contact or mingling, and he is severely affected, even without death. He is required to avoid it, except with taking the necessary precautionary measures - such as sterilization and using the appropriate masks and medical gloves - so that he is satisfied with him not to become ill, and if he does not adhere to what was mentioned and affected to what he feared, he will not be exempt in Sharia.”
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