The Supreme Religious Authority provides a number of advice in this difficult circumstance.

The Supreme Religious Authority gave a number of advice in this difficult circumstance, during which the believers face this grave pandemic. This came in response of His Eminence, the Supreme Religious Authority; Sayed al-Sistani to a number of questions sent to his office.
The following is one of the questions and its answer:
Question: What do you advice believers in this difficult circumstance during which they face this dangerous pandemic?
Answer: We recommend the dear believers, with the following:
A- Resorting to God Almighty and pleading with him to ward off this scourge, and increasing good deeds such as giving charity to the poor, helping the weak, reading the glorious Qur’an and supplications of the Prophet (may God prayers be upon him and his family) and the Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them).
B- Appropriate caution with this epidemic without panic and disorder, and take the fullest prevention and treatment as decided by the specialists away from non-scientific methods.
C- Working to make others aware of the dangers of underestimating this virus and urging them to adhere to the directions issued by the concerned authorities and commit to them.
D- Helping families affected by the current situation because of business suspension and restricting the movement of people.
E- Caring for the infected people regardless of their religious and sectarian affiliations, and seeking to alleviate their pain and help them in what they need.
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