Relief of a number of affected families in the north of Babylon Governorate.

Within the solidarity campaign (Marji'iyat Takaful), the al-Hassan Al-Mujtaba Youth Authority (peace be upon him) within the North Babylon unit of the Relief and Support Division at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine began to offer a helping hand to a number of families who were stranded during this period, in order to contribute to alleviate their burdens during this critical stage, in response to the call of the Supreme Religious Authority, which urged this purpose.
Unit official Al-Hajj Qassim Rahim Al-Ma’muri explained: “This campaign carried out by the Al-Hassan Youth Association (peace be upon him) is part of an expanded campaign by the division in a number of governorates of Iraq, and has included the distribution of dozens of food baskets (vegetables and dry food) to families that were affected by the measures taken to prevent the Corona pandemic, including curfews, as most of them depended on daily gain."
He added: "The Commission undertook an inventory of these families and their statistics from those that live in the villages of the Abi Ghark district in Babylon governorate in addition to the district center, and then proceeded with distribution activities that will continue to include villages and other families within our administrative unit, and with the participation of the rest of the processions and bodies of the unit ".
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