More than 1,200 families have been helped by the representatives of the al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad in a number of governorates over the past two days.

Within the solidarity campaign of “Marji'iyat Takaful” launched by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and carried out by the Abbas (peace be upon him) fighting squad through its representations in the Iraqi governorates, it provided food assistance to more than (1,200) families of the vulnerable and affected at the present time, in which a curfew is imposed to limit the spread of Corona pandemic in most Iraqi cities.
The Squad's representations reached families in Al-Muthanna, Wasit, Maysan governorates within the campaign that also includes the printing and distribution of a brochure bearing the main instructions and guidelines for preventing corona virus.
At the same time, there are continuous meetings with a group of notables in the districts to know the families who need food assistance, as well as coordination with the relevant authorities in order to facilitate the movement of the representatives' offices.
It is noteworthy that the Supreme Religious Authority has called on all to cooperate and join efforts to help poor and needy families, in light of the curfew imposed within the campaign to combat the Corona pandemic, and accordingly, the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine launched a solidarity campaign (Marji'iyat Takaful), to cover the shortfall in aid to the affected families.
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