Within the Campaign facing Corona Pandemic: The al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine Library Launches the Remote Books Loan Service.

The Library and House of Manuscripts of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, in conjunction with the Campaign facing Corona Pandemic, has launched a remote books' loan service, and these free and temporary service measures will continue until the expiry of the emergency health measures.
Through this service, visitors to the library can get four electronic resources per week.

Terms and contents of the service:

1- The service is provided (specifically) for postgraduate students in Iraqi universities, provided that the identity of postgraduate student is sent and valid.
2- You can use this form once a week.
3- The books are sent via e-mail, so the student must pay attention to the fact that the mail is effective.
4- Any request where there is a lack of information or is contrary to instructions is neglected.
5- Your request will be answered according to the order it is received.
6- Before filling in the form, write down the application number of the requested source, which is clear in green, by searching the electronic library website in the link below:

- The presence of the asterisk (*) in front of the field means that this field is mandatory.
- In order to ensure that your request is not neglected, you must observe the conditions of service with good attention to the notes mentioned in front of each field and enclosed in parentheses.

For contact and inquiries: (009647806088899) or (library@alkafeel.net).

To request online resources, click on the link:

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