The major campaign accomplishes the purification and sterilization of two thirds of the area of Karbala.

Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad (Brigade 26/ popular mobilization) carried out during the major disinfection and sterilization campaign, which it implemented in cooperation with government agencies, service departments and the Red Crescent, clearing two thirds of the area of ​​Karbala Governorate.

The Commander of the Cleansing Force in the Directorate of Civil Defense, Colonel Saad Ismail told the central media of the Squad that: “The districts that were cleared and sterilized are the center, Ain al-Tamr, Husayniyya, Hindia, and all residential neighborhoods, commercial gatherings, and random neighborhoods. Currently, Al-Nasr neighborhoods 13/14 are being cleared and will be directed to Al-Samoud and Al-Salam neighborhoods, and the campaign is continuing to reduce the pandemic. He called on citizens to adhere to the curfew and follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health to prevent the pandemic.

The official of the Red Crescent Society of Karbala branch, Mustafa Wathiq Salman, told the central media that: "There is little that remains to accomplish the campaign that aims to confront the Corona pandemic, and to preserve and protect our people from this pandemic." Explaining that the campaign included educating citizens about the dangers of the pandemic and how to avoid it."

Citizens, for their part, praised the campaign and the effort presented by all sides, including the Abbas Fighting Squad, which was known for heroism in the fields of defending the homeland, and today it is mobilized to fight another enemy of the pandemic type, calling on God Almighty to grant success to the campaigners and reward their steps in the service of the homeland and the public good .
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