The educational staff continues to provide the al-Ameed's e-learning platform.

The educational staff of Al-Ameed Educational Group schools continues to make unremitting efforts by recording methodological lessons video and posting them on social networking sites within the project (al-Ameed's e-learning platform), to maintain communication between the teacher and the learner
This has been launched earlier by the staffs of the Department of Education and Higher Education in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine of the al-Ameed's platform for e-learning, for learners of the al-Ameed's educational group schools, in order to keep pace with the course of the curriculum and not to have a large time dimension between the learner and the curriculum, and to ensure that lessons are not interrupted.
Where the department indicated that his staff recorded the methodological lessons video and presented through:

- (Sada al-Ameed) channel

The department called on parents to guide students to follow the platform to learn about the educational material being published from the curriculum, knowing that questions and answers about the course material will be sent through the automatic monitor to take the role of examiner for your children instead of us.
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