Al-Kafeel Hospital tightens its precautions to prevent corona virus

Al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital strengthened its precautionary measures from the first moments of the spread of Corona virus, in order to protect its medical and service staff working in it as well as its patients in line with the recommendations issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Health and the crisis cell.

Dr. Mahdi Saheb, head of the Infection Control Unit at the hospital, told the al-Kafeel Network: “As a medical institution that many visitors visit every day, it is natural that there is a race to take preventive measures, for medical, administrative and service staff, and whoever visits it. The procedures were as follows:

- On the educational side, many brochures and folders were printed and distributed to the patients, in addition to displaying video clips on hospital display screens, to introduce the dangers of this pandemic and how to prevent it.

- Creating an automatic sterilization gate that sterilizes everyone who enters and leaves the hospital, and uses special sterilization and disinfection materials.

- Deploying security agents at hospital entrances who measure the temperature of everyone who enters it.

- Carrying out continuous sterilization every two hours, covering all hospital facilities, including corridors, lobbies, administrative rooms, patients' rooms, and other adjacent areas, using health-authorized and licensed materials.

- Intensifying precautionary measures for water resources.

- Conducting regular tours of all patients other than routine tours to monitor their health status."

And Saheb emphasized: "All the measures taken that have taken an escalating pace are under the supervision of a specialized committee."
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