Video: The al-Ameed university develops a precautionary plan to reduce the outbreak of the Corona virus.

As part of the precautionary measures taken by the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine to prevent the outbreak of the novel Corona virus, and worked to follow the preventive instructions issued by the competent health authorities, whether at the level of the Holy Shrine, the old city or the governorate in general, the al-Ameed University, in turn, developed a precautionary plan that included sterilization of its facilities in coordination with the Follow-up Committee on Preventive Measures formed by the administration of the Holy Shrine.
In addition to that, the al-Ameed University, within its plan to prevent this pandemic, has printed many educational publications and held seminars to introduce the virus and its methods of spreading and reducing it, in addition to implementing all health and medical recommendations and guidelines issued by the relevant authorities.
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