Completion of 90% of the basic works for the establishment of a reanimation lobby for the treatment people with coronavirus in Al-Hindiya General Hospital.

The staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine have performed basic work for the treatment lobby for patients with Corona on an area of ​​Al-Hindiya General Hospital, as a solidarity gesture to raise the preventive measures against the Corona virus.

The implementing engineer, Karar Brihi, explained to the al-Kafeel Network, saying: "The main cutting works that were completed were accompanied by opening windows for each individual room, in addition to the windows for the medical staff rooms."

Noting: "The place where the lobby was built is an open concrete structure designed for other purposes, so the first stages of the work were cutting the area (1500 square meters) into large, isolated halls, according to a plan approved by the beneficiary."

He explained: "In addition to this, the work included breaking the floor, to install the sewage system pipes, according to the required measurements."

He added, "These actions take more time and effort, because the space is closed and designed for other purposes, but we are determined to complete it within the specified timings."
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