A travel campaign includes 10s of multinational figures visiting the holy shrines in Kerbala holy city & attend a lecture about their history

Within the daily travel campaigns to Kerbala holy city, a campaign entitled (Bab EL-Hawa’ij) has had the honor by visiting the holy shrines in Kerbala city. It is consisted of multinational figures from various countries. They stayed In Kerbala city for a week.

Ammar EL-Neqshawani, an Iraqi Islamic preacher in Britain and a tourist guide for the campaign said, “The campaign includes 130 figures. It is a various campaign for having various people from different countries. Some of them Americans, Africans, Europeans and some others.” Some of the pilgrims said that they bore travel troubles and afforded expenses to come here due to being adorers of Ahlulbait (p.b.u.t). They also mentioned that they had been motivated to come by preaches, instructions and Husseinian sermons on TV and internet.

The EL-Abbas holy shrine specified a place for the pilgrims in order to perform their prayer and pilgrimage. The Department of the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs gave them a lecture about the structure of the EL-Abbas holy shrine. Mr. Jassam Mohammed EL-Se’eadi, the head of the International Media and Culture Unit at the EL-Abbas holy shrine clarified the phases of reconstructing the holy shrine, and the projects had been being implemented.
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