The pure air system of the lobby project for the reanimation of Corona patients in Karbala, reaches 50% completion.

The percentage of achievement in the pure air system of the lobby project for the treatment of the patients with the novel Corona pandemic, which will be attached to the Hayat lobby in Imam Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) medical city in the Karbala Governorate, has reached 50%.

Resident engineer Ammar Salah Mahdi said: "The cooling Division of the Engineering Maintenance Department, after completing the installation of the cooling in the building, proceeded to install the pure air system, and the installation of this system came according to the medical recommendations that suit the work of this lobby."

He added: "This system will provide 100% pure air inside the rooms and other halls in the building, supported by the drag system that was installed and which ensures that the air is drawn from the lobby then sterilized, and then thrown out, in order to be 100% safe."

Noting: "The systems will work in parallel to push the pure air and draw the air inside the lobby, which can be polluted, and this process will be conducted (20) times during each hour."
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