Sterilization campaigns continue in most of the governorates of Iraq.

The Crisis Cell formed by the al-Abbas (peace be upon him) fighting squad (brigade 26 of the popular mobilization), continues in cooperation with the Euphrates Central Operations of the Popular Mobilization, the process of sterilizing a number of areas of the holy city of Karbala that started nearly a month ago.

The central media of the Squad showed that the past days witnessed sterilization of a number of areas southwest of the holy city of Karbala, including the Hussein neighborhood, the areas of the packaging factories, the neighborhood of the officers, and the neighborhood of the warriors.

Noting: "There was 8 to 9 vehicles that participated in the campaign, and (40 to 45) of our hero fighters were mobilized, as well as the use of 30 manual sprinklers.

He explained: "The accomplishment of these tasks is a service for the public good and safety for our dear citizens from the Corona epidemic, in cooperation with the relevant government and health authorities."
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