As part of its campaign to counter the outbreak of Corona Virus: Khair Al Joud Company intends to launch an effective product in the eradication of viruses and microbes.

Khair Al-Joud Company intends to launch a hand sanitizer product that is highly effective in exterminating viruses and microbes, and this product came as a result of the development research projects that the company is conducting in its specialized laboratories, during this critical period the country is going through to counter the outbreak of the Corona virus.
The director of production of sterilizers and detergents at the company, Mr. Salam Salaman, stated: “Khair Al-Joud Company, after conducting research and laboratory studies, aims to provide sterilizing and disinfecting products that are effective, and at a price appropriate for citizens, especially those with low incomes.”
Stressing: "The company is in the process of producing this new product, which is 100% effective and safe even on foods, as it depends on the (hydrogen peroxide) compound, which is characterized by a high degree of safety and great effectiveness in its destruction of viruses and microbes."
He explained: "This product will be available to citizens at subsidized prices and different sizes, starting from home use by a size of (1 liter) to personal use containers with a capacity of (100 ml), and there will be packages with a capacity (500 ml and 250 ml)".
He added: "The product is distinguished from the company's previous product (ethanol) by being more effective, as it is not flammable, stressing the need not to mix it with other sterilizers or add it to it."
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