Increasing pace in the works for the completion of the lobby project for the treatment of those with Corona at Al-Hindiya Hospital.

The Resident Engineer of the Lobby project for the reanimation of patients with Corona virus, which is implemented by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine through the staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department in it as a symbiotic gesture in favor of Al-Hindiya General Hospital south of the holy city of Karbala, confirmed that the rates of its completion are going upward according to the specified timetables for it, and the completion rate has reached (75%).

Engineer Karar Brihi added to the al-Kafeel Network, saying: “With two shifts (morning and evening), the work is continuing in full swing, and we have followed the sequential mechanism in the joints of the implementation of the project, which consists of (35) rooms, so that the transition takes place from one section to another and from one room to another and so on. And according to the project plan, the work groups were distributed in spite of the obstacles and difficulties that we faced, because the project is being implemented on a concrete structure prepared for another purpose that differs from what is currently being implemented, and this with engineering accounts takes a great time and effort, but this did not stand in the way of the determination of the staffs of the maintenance engineering department, so they are racing to complete any work assigned to them. "

Brihi explained: "The work currently under way is:

- The floor covering works for the lobby floor with granite material, and the percentage has reached (75%), knowing that the covering is preceded by the work of preparing the lobby floor and increasing its height, to suit the nature of the structure.

- Infrastructure works such as silos and laying sewage pipes for wastewater, which took time to be implemented in concrete floors with a thickness of about (70 cm), and the completion rate has reached (90%).

- Electrical installation works, laying wires and connecting them to the main imports and nutrients. Its completion rate reached (60%).

- Fixing Gypsum sections on the sandwich panel with its surface leveling and dyeing, and the completion percentage reached (85%).

- Secondary roof fixing work, which is carried out consecutively, and its completion rate reaches more than (20%).

- Installing and cladding the health units seats in isolated rooms, and their completion rate reached (37%).

He explained: "After the completion of the opening of special windows in the rooms, most of the metal frames incubating the windows were completed."
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