Progress of work in the lobby project for the treatment of the infected with Corona at al-Hindiya Hospital.

"The work of the project is witnessing remarkable progress, day after day, and its features began to appear, thanks to the concerted efforts of the workers, including engineers, technicians, and craftsmen, and other supportive parties that spared no effort towards its completion, thank God. We have achieved a great leap today, and we have been able to achieve an advanced rate of achievement in record time, and we hope that in the next few days the works will witness an escalation in implementation. " Indicated the head of the Engineering Maintenance Department of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, Engineer Samir Abbas.
He added: "Among all that was done today is fixing the doors of the lobby rooms after they were completed in the departmental workshops. Likewise, the work of cutting and fixing the sections of the sandwich panels and gypsum has achieved high proportions that exceed (70%), in addition to that the covering of the floors of bathrooms and fixing the toilet seats exceeded (72%).
He explained: "In parallel with these works, there was progress in installing secondary roof sections and connecting sewage lines up to more than (90%). In addition to the floor covering works that have reached more than (90%), as well as Electricity works, as after the completion of the main electrical wiring, sub-wiring for the rooms and corridors has started.
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