The Holy Quran Institute contributes to the sterilization of more than 25,000 homes in Babylon to prevent corona virus.

The Holy Quran Institute / Babylon Branch of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has sterilized more than 25,000 homes to prevent corona virus in the Babylon Governorate.
This contribution came within a campaign of sterilization that was launched in Babylon Governorate in cooperation with the Governorate Health Department and the Directorate of Civil Defense in it.
The campaign included the sterilization of more than (25) areas scattered throughout the province of Babylon, and it was launched with the outbreak of the novel Corona virus, and it is still continuing to sanitize the homes and mosques of the governorate and their Husayniyat to limit the spread of the epidemic.
The institute branch official, Muntazer Al-Mashayekhi, stated, “The campaign is in line with the preventive instructions of the Iraqi Ministry of Health and the crisis cell, the recommendations of the Supreme Religious Reference and following the instructions issued by the relevant medical authorities.”
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