(75%) is the percentage of electrical work completed for the lobby project for the treatment of the patients with Corona in Al-Hindiya General Hospital.

The staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department continue to work on the Corona treatment hall project in Al-Hindiya General Hospital, south of the Karbala Governorate, where these workers have recorded advanced achievement rates in their work, including those related to electrical work, where the completion rate reached about (75%) .
On this work, the electrical engineer, Mr. Hassanein Haider, explained to the global Al-Kafeel network: "The percentage of achievement related to electrical work in this project has reached approximately (75%), including the completion of works related to supplying the subdivisions (circuits) with the cables responsible for feeding the electric current. We have also completed all the wiring work for the completed rooms, and we are waiting for the completion of the civil work for the rest of the rooms so that we can accomplish the rest of the wiring work. "
He added: "We have completed the lighting work for the completed rooms, and we have now started installing wall fans in the hallways of the lobby."
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