Hall project for the treatment of patients with Corona in Al-Hindiya Hospital has an 85% completion rate.

The percentage of completion of the lobby project for the treatment of patients with Coronavirus in Al-Hindiya General Hospital, which is implemented by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine as a symbiotic and humanitarian gesture and as a precautionary measure to reduce and control the Corona epidemic, exceeded 85%.
This percentage was accomplished for all parts of the work as a whole, thanks to the efforts of the engineering maintenance department staffs to accomplish it within its timelines and technical specifications prepared for it, despite the executive difficulties that accompanied it, as it is being implemented on a concrete structure intended for another structure completely different from what is being implemented now, but the will, persistence and determination of the staffs made them execute the works in record time to overcome all obstacles. Thus after few days, this project will be operational to be part of the hospital, which suffers from a lack of clinical capacity in case of emergency.
This was shown by the resident engineer of the project, Karar Brihi, to the al-Kafeel Network, and added: “With the blessings of the Master Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) and the determination of the workers in the project, and with the unlimited support provided by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, we were able to reach this percentage of the achievement that was the result of a work over (14) hours or more every day. And an important stage has been completed, which is the stage of covering the floors for the 36 rooms with its central hall and its corridors, as well as the completion of the floors of the bathrooms and the installation of their seats, which is also one of the tasks that required an additional effort, because we had to dig a concrete wall of more than 60 cm thickness. "
Noting: "In parallel with these works, the sanitary cooling system works in accordance with what is planned, and in its two lines. The percentage of completion in it reached (25%) in two days of work, while the secondary ceilings in which the work reached the rate of completion of (65%) ".
Brihi explained: “Among the works that were nearing completion and which were characterized by the difficulty of implementing them also are the infrastructure works, including the works of laying sewage pipes because they were executed under concrete floors and the percentage of their completion reached (97%), while the rest of the works from the finishes were almost concluded or are nearing completion. "
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