Al-Kafeel Hospital introduces modern technology for treating nervous system diseases.

The Kafeel Specialized Hospital announced the introduction of a modern medical and therapeutic technology for treating nervous system diseases, called the Periscope of nervous system diseases, which is one of the modern technologies that will contribute to reducing the complications of surgery operations that are carried out for people with such diseases, and comes within the serious endeavor of the hospital as well as its aspiration to provide the latest medical devices and equipment, and works through them to provide advanced medical and therapeutic services for the people of this country, in order to create a state of medical and therapeutic integration.
This technology, according to what Dr. Samer Faisal, a neurosurgery specialist in the hospital, stated: "It comes within the hospital's plan to keep pace with the development taking place in medical and therapeutic devices. As this is one of the devices used in operating theaters, and it is one of the latest therapeutic techniques for diseases of the brain and spinal cord. "
He added: "Among the advantages of using the periscope technique in nervous system diseases is the lifting of deep and benign brain tumors, treatment of deep parts of the brain and pituitary tumors, and all operations carried out through the nose and spine operations, including the cervix from the front and back or from the chest, abdomen and back, or from a side opening by fixing (the screws) through the skin. "
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