The warehouse unit is intensifying its efforts to deliver health supplies to all Holy Shrine sites.

Great efforts are being made by the warehouse unit of the Service Affairs Department at the Holy Shrine, in order to equip the various sections and sites of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine with sterilizers and disinfectants in addition to medical masks and gloves, all in order to strengthen preventive measures against the novel Corona epidemic.
The official of the aforementioned unit, Mr Haider Abbas Hussein, told the Global al-Kafeel Network: "During the current situation and in light of the outbreak of the novel Corona epidemic, it is up to our unit to supply all internal and external divisions and sites of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine with sterilizers, antiseptics and detergents, in addition to masks and medical gloves."
He added: "The number of masks that are distributed daily is estimated at about 3000 (three thousand masks), and similar number of medical gloves, while approximately (300 liters) are distributed daily from various sterilizers, antiseptics, and detergents in different and various sizes."
He pointed out: "We also equipped a number of health departments with masks and medical gloves, as well as medical suits, and we also prepared a number of quarantine places for people with corona."
Hussein explained: "The equipment was not limited to Karbala Governorate, but thousands of masks and medical gloves were sent to each of the provinces of Babel and Wasit."
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