"Karbala Heritage": The first referred quarterly journal specialized in Karbala heritage in Iraq.

Since the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine began to embody its intellectual and cultural project, including the heritage, as it soon established a center for Karbala heritage, and among the products of this center is the magazine (the heritage of Karbala), which is concerned with reviving the heritage of Karbala in a way that is compatible with its sanctity and status; as well as reviving its scientific and epistemological heritage. It is a referred quarterly journal approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Republic of Iraq, and approved for the purposes of scientific promotion, issued by the Karbala Heritage Center of the Department of Islamic and Humanitarian Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine and internationally registered under the number (2312-5489 PRINT ISSN) and Online (ONLINE ISSN 2410-3292)) 3297 ISO), and the number of deposit in the Library and Archives of Iraq (1992) for the year 2014.
The first edition of its first volume was issued in 2014, and today it has reached the fourth issue of the sixth volume for the year 2019, where the journal includes solid heritage researches, studies and investigations, in all kinds of Islamic, linguistic, literary, social, and historical knowledge, of competent researchers and professors from multiple universities.
It is the only referred journal in Iraq that deals with the scientific and human heritage of the holy city of Karbala in particular, as since its foundation, it aimed to highlight the importance of the Karbala heritage that gives this city its own identity that distinguishes it from the rest of the cities, especially face to the injustice that it was subjected to across different time stages.
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